Integrated Process Plant Design (IPPD) is a services and consulting company that provides practical software solutions, training and consulting for the engineering industry.

Our focus is to provide engineering excellence and expertise in configuration and integration of many of the enterprise tools that are available on the market to assist the design process. IPPD is the leading global services provider for solution integration and configuration of the Aspen Basic Engineering product suite. IPPD have provided services in this area for a number of major engineering clients around the world and our expertise is recognised by being an official service provider for Aspentech.

IPPD Products

IPPD Products Units Manager and Reports Manager version 10 are compatible with Aspen Basic Engineering v14.

The Datasheets Manager, that enables exported excel datasheets to be re-imported into Aspen Basic Engineering is newly available. Read more...

IPPD Projects

IPPD Projects IPPD provides consultancy and services for Aspen Basic Engineering, enabling customers to utilise the full potential of the software. Read more...

Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept A Proof of Concept project is available to any customers who wish to test the feasibility and capability of Aspen Basic Engineering. Read more...

Engineering Solution Integrators


IPPD's mission is to provide customers with practical solutions crafted to meet their strategic goals and enable them to profit from the advanced use of technology.

IPPD's experience has guided customers through constant technology change, while maintaining a focus on delivering innovative, practical results.

Our technology and training solutions have been implemented in Engineering and other Professional Services Organizations.

IPPD delivers innovative technology services that help our customers worldwide achieve what they want most - Profitability and Results.


Video Tutorials Our extensive knowledge of Aspen Basic Engineering has enabled IPPD to build and deliver products that provide immediate productivity and benefits without the need to configure Aspen Basic Engineering. To learn more about these products view the video tutorials.

We now offer proof of concept projects to customers who wish to trial the Aspen Basic Engineering software. Get an insight in to this specific service to tailor the configuration to suit your specific project needs.

Alternatively request a pilot project that enhances the out of the box delivery to highlight the key features that can be configured to meet your everyday needs.