IPPD Units Manager

Units Manager The Units Manager allows the management and manipulation of units and value formats utilised in Aspen Basic Engineering project documents. Read more...

IPPD Reports Manager

Reports Manager The Report Manager is a utility tool that allows reporting of an Aspen Basic Engineering workspace. Read more...

IPPD Datasheets Manager

Datasheets Manager The Datasheets Manager enables detached Excel datasheets to be re-attached to their Aspen Basic Engineering workspace. Read more...

IPPD Spider Interface

Spider Interface This application is a two way interface between Computer Line Associates (CLA) Spider application and Aspen Basic Engineering (ABE). Read more...


PFD Rules The IPPD PFD Rules macros are supplied as custom toolbar button commands that can be added to the Aspen Basic Engineering (ABE) PFD Drawing Editor. Read more...

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials The purpose of these tutorials is to provide a general overview and introduce the basic concepts of the IPPD products. Read more...


IPPD Products The ongoing demand to integrate software enterprise solutions such as the offerings from Aspentech, Hexagon (formerly Intergraph), and Aveva, is a necessary process of ensuring consistent data flow in the engineering life cycle.

In some cases this data flow is seamless but in the main a significant upfront cost is associated in ensuring complete data integration between the different technology providers.

In addition, the ever changing dynamic world of project execution requires the ability to monitor and report on project status and to make rapid changes to project documents.

At IPPD we have focused our efforts on integration and these project demands, and have developed utility tools to increase productivity in the individual solutions and enhance application integration.

To see how these tools can aid productivity and provide substantial benefits with Aspen Basic Engineering view the video tutorials to get an insight into these tools.

Alternatively, visit the specific product pages for more information about each product.

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