Partnership with IPPD By selecting IPPD as a services partner, you'll gain access to excellence, technology expertise and an experienced pool of resources.

IPPD can deliver the most appropriate solutions at vastly reduced timescales thus representing value for money to our customers. We are also flexible enough to provide tailor made services taht are specific to the customers needs.

Due to our programming and engineering expertise we can accommodate any type of integration, interfacing, Graphical User Interface (GUI) design and implementation and this is what differentiates us from our competitors. We do not just focus on our area of product knowledge and excellence, we also diversify into areas where programming is a requirement for any tools and for any industries.

IPPD works closely with you to formalize requirements and deliver the most appropriate solutions. Our areas of expertise and services are listed below.

Aspentech  Aspen Basic Engineering

Aspen Basic Engineering (ABE) is an application to fulfil the requirements of the front end engineering design phase of the engineering life cycle. Many of the component features of this product can be configured, i.e. data model, datasheets, symbol etc. ABE has an open architecture to enable integration with third party vendors including in house applications.

IPPD's in-depth and superior knowledge in this area makes us the market leader in providing services & consulting for the ABE product.

  • Analyse Requirements - Gather and analyse current work practices and procedures to identify the feasibility of implementation using ABE.
  • Complex data modelling - Provide a framework for modelling process needs and capturing company best practice. This is the hub of the ABE application and core component for successful utilisation for all other components.
  • Datasheets - Customise in house or client specific process specification datasheets, equipment lists and Heat Material Balance tables.
  • Symbols - Customise in house or client specific symbol libraries (including PFD labelling data), parametric symbols, Heat and Material Balance labels and PFD & PID borders.
  • Complex rule writing - IPPD pushes the ABE application to the limits in this area. We provide comprehensive solutions to customer requirements through the use of rules such as automatic PFD graphical routines or complex equipment sizing programs.
  • Integration with in-house technologies - In many cases integrating with in-house applications is a requirement to maintain best practice. When it is not feasible to incorporate programs or applications within ABE, IPPDs' extensive knowledge of open systems enables integration between applications.
  • Maintenance and support for projects - IPPD is committed to engineering excellence using the ABE product and we act as a service provider to support and maintain your ABE system.
  • Version migration - Update customer libraries and workspaces to take advantage of new features in the latest ABE version.

Aspentech  Smart Plant Foundation

Smart Plant Foundation (SPF) suite of applications is a data warehousing solution to address the Detail Design phase of the engineering life cycle. Data flow between the SPF applications (such as SP-PID, SP-Instrumentation, SP-Electrical, SP-3D etc) is propagated through the SPF data warehouse. Management of data flow is controlled by the mappings that exist between the SP application and SPF and these mappings can be extended for the individual applications using the Schema Component Editor utility.

  • Export to SPPID - Data exported from ABE to SPF can be achieved by using the out of the box capabilities or by writing custom rules in ABE to generate an XML file for SPPID import. Either mechanism requires customisation to ensure the required data is exported.
  • TEF - The Engineering Framework (TEF) is the terminology used for the out of the box capability between ABE and SPF. A number of customisation steps are required to ensure the correct data set is exported to the SPF data warehouse. IPPD can provide services and consultancy in this area to ensure the framework is in place for successful integration.
  • PFD to PID Expansion - To ensure one to one correlation between the conceptual (PFD) and physical world (PID), IPPD can provide services to ensure that the expansion occurs in the conceptual world (e.g. one pump may expand to a duty and standby in the PID world). This is required as propagation of data to the physical world and back in these cases is not yet possible.

Other Technologies

With our proven track record in application development, maintenance, and consulting services, IPPD is committed to create technology-driven solutions that help satisfy customers. IPPD leverages a domain-driven approach to design, and implements scaleable, reliable, and robust applications. The service offerings include integration, application development, application management, application support, re-engineering, modernization, and migration.

  • Integration to Office - IPPD can link to any office application, such as Excel, Word, Access etc, to import and export data for use in ABE. This information can be used for reporting, exporting and importing process data directly to other system tools for cross departmental data sharing.
  • Integration with in house tools - With our in-depth knowledge of ABE, IPPD for example can incorporate in-house simulation data as part of the ABE simulator Interface application. Alternatively, we can build new bespoke applications that allow two way integration between ABE and the in-house tool.
  • General programming - Due to our extensive knowledge of development tools and programming backgrounds, IPPD are pleased to provide services that involve the creation, modification, or support and maintenance of new and existing tools within your organisation.