Key Benefits

  • Increased productivity
  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Simplifies sharing of datasheets with vendors



IPPD Datasheets Manager

Datasheets Manager The Datasheets Manager application leverages the automation capabilities of the Aspen Basic Engineering product. This capability has enabled IPPD to implement a generic application to compliment the features in Aspen Basic Engineering and to improve productivity for our customers.

The Datasheets Manager allows detached Excel datasheets to be re-integrated into their parent Aspen Basic Engineering project. Datasheets that have been detached as standalone Excel spreadsheets and subsequently modified by a client or equipment vendor can be re-attached to their project with all changed field values seamlessly imported.

Datasheets Manager Window


User Friendly Window - Simple to use interface allows data to be reviewed before re-import into the Aspen Basic Engineering workspace.

Changes highlighted - Differences between the detached datasheet and workspace datasheet are immediately highlighted. This includes changes to any units fields.

Ease of Use - Engineers decide which data is transferred to the workspace from the detached datasheet.